Wiradjuri Hungry Caterpillar Book Companion

The Wiradjuri Very Hungry Caterpillar Companion Booklet

With NAIDOC week around the corner I can finally say the Wiradjuri Hungry Caterpillar book companion is finally ready for use!

Thankyou so very much to Lloyd Dolan and Annette Campbell for working with me to freely provide the Wiradjuri language and grammar. I’d also like to thank a very special family that this was originally produced for, and whose excitement and encouragement has help to get it into a form that it could be shared.

This is to be used in conjunction with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” Book by Eric Carle & a Wiradjuri speaker or the Wiradjuri Dictionary App with the aim of  introducing some Wiradjuri words. You can choose as many or as few words as you would like to introduce at a time (as both Wiradjuri and English are provided for key words).

The booklets can be printed and taken home to extend the activity.

As yet I can’t upload this onto the site so you will need to email me for a copy. Please note this is best printed double sided in colour. if this isn’t possible please let me know and I will try to send it in a format you can print.

jsspeech (at) outlook.com

The Wiradjuri Very Hungry Caterpillar Companion Booklet

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