Insect / Bugs Action cards

The day’s are getting shorter, colder and wetter so it can be hard for children to use enough energy and this is one way to help them use their energy in a fun way. Some years ago I made these insect action cards for my own children when they were toddlers. They remained popular but as I retired my old blog I am reposting them here.

They go perfectly with a bugs/creepy crawly/insect home, tot or preschool theme as well as with the Wiradjuri Book Companion to The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Insect / Bugs Action Cards


2 thoughts on “Insect / Bugs Action cards

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely resource! Excited to use it with my little one for our bugs/insects themed shelf work the coming week. However, is there anyway you can edit, or allow me to receive an editable document? (Specifically looking to change ladybird to ladybug and stick insect to praying mantis). Thanks!


    1. I don’t have easy access to this as it was done on an old computer but I will see if I can find it for you or provide a copy with these changes as soon as possible


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