Matching /k/ Initial Cards

My children are loving playing “Spot It”, inspiring me to create a simpler version for /k/ initial words for use in speech therapy to practise the /k/ sound at the beginning of words.

/k/ initial spot match it game

I love the circles, sooo cute! Well, that is until you need to cut them out….. I gave in and also made a square version for quicker cutting.

easy cut /k/ initial spot match it game

To play; please email me (jsspeech at for a copy (sorry I’m not skilled enough to add PDFs to this blog).

Print either the circles or squares pages – they are the same cards. Cut.

Have the child name the pictures on 2 cards and then find which 2 pictures are in both picture. With 13 cards there are plenty for home practise.

You can turn it into a competitive game by giving each player a card and leaving the other in a face up pile in the middle. Each player attempts to be the fastest to name the picture on the centre card that matches one on their own card.

These can also be used at phrase level “I see two….”, “I found two….”, sentence level by putting the matching pictures in a sentence eg “the coral is pretty” and for story telling (tell a silly story using all the pictures on a card)

Using clipart pictures from CulchaStik: Australian Indigenous Images and various clip art from teachers pay teachers, I hope it gives a fun feel suitable for all Australian children including Australian First Nations (Australian Aboriginal/Indigenous) Children.


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